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Marketing Consulting Services and Clients

Suzanne Taylor helps companies acquire more customers, create great products, and improve customer retention by using customer driven innovation.  Her client list includes:

    - Intuit

    - Stanford Continuing Studies Program

    - Adobe

    - PayCycle

    - Yahoo!

    - Microsoft

    - Kikim Media

Hear what some of Suzanne's clients and collaborators say about her consulting services and her co-authored book Inside Intuit:

"Thank you very much for the fine and careful workshop you designed and delivered to our folks. I never heard anything but rave reviews and appreciation, and I know everybody who participated has come away with new skills that will serve our organizations well."

   --Charles Junkerman, Associate Provost & Dean, Stanford Continuing Studies Program

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciated all your efforts over the last two quarters to get My Yahoo! advertising running, tracking in place and get the team thinking about how to be metrics-driven. Weíre all the better for it and I certainly would hire you again. If you ever need a recommendation, please donít hesitate to call me."

    --Dave Bottoms, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Yahoo!

"Suzanne helped us gain a deeper understanding of our prospect universe, giving us insights into pockets of untapped opportunity.  She helped us understand what customer acquisition efforts have and haven't worked so that we can improve effectiveness with future programs.  Suzanne clearly understood our needs and desired outcomes, and added useful insights to her recommendations.  She was a pleasure to work with!"

    -- Matt Cluney, Direct Marketing Manager, Quicken Personal Finance Group

"I canít tell you how great it was for us to have Suzanne on our team! We thought, 'If we could only hire her....' Suzanne just gave us tons of energy and excitement with her fabulous ideas. Behind her calm and collected demeanor lies a whole range of wonderful information and advice.  What a treasure she is!"  

    -- Kiki Kapany, Vice President, Kikim Media

"Working with Suzanne on writing the Inside Intuit book was an absolute joy.  Not only is Suzanne disciplined, organized, and thoughtful, she's also creative and a lot of fun.  The book we created together owes a tremendous debt to Suzanne's resourcefulness and professionalism.  And the complete access to top-ranking current and former Intuit executives demonstrates the high regard in which Suzanne is held throughout Intuit, even seven years after her leaving the company."

     -- Kathy Schroeder, Co-Author, Inside Intuit: How the Makers of Quicken Beat Microsoft and Revolutionized an Entire Industry

"It's a scary thing having authors with complete access scrutinize your life's work.  What I feared most was inaccuracy...the bane of journalism that leads to so much disrespect of the writing profession.   I knew you two had the diligence and honor to strive for making the accurate 'book of record'.  You've triumphed at that." 

      --Scott Cook, Intuit Co-Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee  

Order ďInside IntuitĒ at

"Inside Intuit is a tale of missionaries, not mercenaries. Itís about a founding team that prevails through tenacity, frugality, and an obsession with the customer experience. Itís about great people who put the organization ahead of themselves and who embrace the mission and values articulated clearly and consistently by Intuitís leaders. Through meticulous research, including scores of interviews with managers, executives, competitors, and ex-employees, the authors take you behind the scenes, from the trenches to the boardroom, immersing you in the struggles inside Intuit. 

One year after the news of Wall Street accounting scandals and the shocking deceit of the scumbag CEOs and CFOs at Enron and WorldCom, it is a pleasure to introduce you to what I believe will be an enduring business institution.  Companies like Intuit, and the story Inside Intuit, highlight the contrast between the best entrepreneurs have to offer and the rest."

      -- John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (from the book's foreword)

"Of all the stories and articles written about Intuit over the years, Inside Intuit is the first to get it right.  The authors took great pains to really understand what made Intuit the tremendous success it became, even though that story didn't 'fit the mold' of the classic entrepreneurial success story.  In addition to recounting the history of Intuit, they make sure to include the important lessons that made Intuit successful, lessons that any budding entrepreneur can learn from and use."

       --Tom Proulx, Intuit Co-Founder

"I vouch very strongly for Suzanne. She knows her stuff cold, through and through, a real pro!"

       --David Vargas, Sr. Director, Stanford Alumni Association

Suzanne's speeches have been well received by organizations such as: Stanford's Graduate School of Business ('The Making of Inside Intuit' and 'Hot Topics in Marketing'); Direct Marketing Association ('Inside Intuit: Direct Marketing as Competitive Advantage'); WebEx ('Intuit's Customer Driven Innovation') ('Customer Driven Product Innovation'); Business Marketing Association ('Branding and the Customer Experience'); SDForum Marketing SIG ('Inside Intuit'); Chinese Software Professionals Association ('Inside Intuit: Key Success Factors'); and the Warrillow Summit ('Intuit's Small Business Customer Driven Innovation').

About Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne Taylor is a marketing consultant who helps companies acquire more customers, create great products, and improve customer retention.  Her area of expertise is building businesses through customer driven innovation.  A member of Stanford University's faculty, she has taught seven marketing classes through Stanford Continuing Studies and holds Stanford AB and MBA degrees.  She co-authored a book titled Inside Intuit: How the Makers of Quicken Beat Microsoft and Revolutionized an Entire Industry published by Harvard Business School Press. She also instructs and serves on the Advisory Board for U.C. Extension in Silicon Valley's Marketing Certificate program, teaching marketing and executive education classes.

Taylorís client list includes Intuit, Adobe, PayCycle, Yahoo!, Palm, Microsoft, and several high-tech startups.  Taylor worked for Intuit, Inc. for eight years in a variety of marketing roles including Quicken product manager, customer insight, and corporate marketing.  She also worked in brand management at the Clorox Company leading marketing efforts for Fresh Step cat litter and Formula 409 spray cleaner brands.  Taylor has led product teams through the full product development life cycle and has managed all elements of the marketing mix, both online and offline.  Symantec selected Inside Intuit for a company-wide management book club discussion.

                                                Stanford Continuing Studies

Stanford Continuing Studies Class: 'Creating Effective Customer Acquisition Strategies' (BUS 168) offered Winter 2011

What determines whether or not your product proves to be a hit in the marketplace? The key is an excellent customer acquisition strategy that targets the right customers in a cost-effective way. As you would expect, this could include the usual product launch elements to get the word out and persuade new customers to buy. But the most effective and innovative acquisition strategies extend beyond the launch. A more robust strategy encompasses an end-to-end customer focus: understanding what your target customer really wants, developing products that the target customer will embrace, designing compelling marketing communications, and delivering satisfying customer experiences. By delighting your new customers, you create natural word of mouth to acquire even more customers. Whether you are a marketing manager, engineer, or entrepreneur, this course will help you improve your customer acquisition strategy. We will focus on consumer-oriented businesses and will have guest speakers, exercises, and case study examples.

Stanford Continuing Studies Class: 'Building Businesses Through Customer Driven Innovation' (BUS 70) taught in Spring 2005, 2006, and 2007
What makes a customerís experience with a brand great? What makes it awful? Think back to your own experiences. When were you wowed with an experience or, conversely, deeply disappointed? Each of us has his or her own examples of great and terrible experiences as customers. These delightful and dreadful stories show that a brand stands for much more than a name, logo, or image. And a brand means much more even than its product and service features. Brands are built from nothing less than the sum of a customerís experiences with a product, service or company. Marketing managers can find the key to customersí hearts by using customer driven innovation. This class will expose you to instructive and compelling readings, exercises, guest speakers, and discussions that will help you learn ideas and approaches for building businesses through customer driven innovation.

Student feedback:

"Very engaging!  Exceeded my expectations!"

"I enjoyed Suzanne's class very much!  Very thought-provoking, and even more interesting than I expected."

"I found the class very informative.  I loved the guest speakers."

"I wanted to write and let you know that this is the best class I have taken with Stanford so far...I only wish it was more than 5 weeks! The discussions, cases and material you provide are extremely useful to understand the breadth and depth of strategy, innovation and marketing across industries...The class size is just right for inclusive discussions...The guest speakers you bring are the 'secret sauce' of this course...their insights and experiences are very valuable for me as I head to Kellogg in the fall."

Stanford Continuing Studies Class:  'Shopping Confidential: Understanding How, What, and Why We Buy' (BUS 98) taught Fall 2007

Today's consumers no longer need to hunt or gather, but they do need to shop.  And they want more than just products--they want satisfying and unique experiences.  What are the most effective ways for businesses to create efficient, enjoyable, and even eye-opening shopping experiences?  Learn why and how consumers buy, and how the shopping medium (whether retail, online, catalog, or in-home party) affects the message. By creating shopping environments that involve the senses and the joy of discovery, marketers can tap into our innate need to acquire.  Learn how trends such as the sustainable environmental movement affect what we buy, and how the Internet and electronic word-of-mouth are changing how we buy.  Whether you're a curious shopper or a shopkeeper focused on the bottom line, you will learn how designing gratifying shopping experiences can create a competitive business advantage.  Course includes instructive readings, case studies, exercises, guest speakers, and fieldtrips.


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